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1940- Edward Fields Sr. and Father built wood commercial fishing boats in Juneau, Alaska.
1963 First boat built in Preston, WA a wood commercial fishing boat.
1965-1979 Edward O. Fields Sr. worked commercial fishing and as cannery foreman in Naknek, Alaska while building aluminum commercial fishing boats in the off season.
1979 Edward O. Fields Sr. and Edward O. Fields Jr. build aluminum commercial fishing boats.
1988 Edward Fields Jr. starts Fields Boats primarily building large commercial fising boats for Alaska.

1998 The company incorporates and changes its name to Fields Fabrication Corporation. The existing models as well as two new models including the "Rough Water" are inclued in the TUFF BOAT ® line.

Present: Fields Fabrication Corporation is owned and opporated by Edward O. Fields Jr. and continues its commitment to build the highest quality aluminum work boats on the market.  

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